WOBBL - Worlds Open BloodBowl League feed http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Sun, 20 May 2018 12:05:39 +0000 OBBLM 0.96 Team news by Ziggurat Zippers Coach Matt-ra is confident he will have what it takes to destroy any team that baby-Mr.Bloodweiser fields and mocks him like the baby jello that he is if he even thinks about taking a crutch team like Orcs... http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2017-11-05 20:35:17 Announcement by Majyk555: Whistler Trip time! Please create your teams in this League for our boys' week of gaming. To get here, Login, then click the League dropdown menu at the top of the screen choosing WHISTLER and go from there to Coach's Corner along the top row. After that, follow the mid-top row and Create New Team. Done and done! New Match reports are no longer blank - choose the PDF Match report once you Schedule a Game yourself against whomever you wish and it will look like this: http://www.blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE/handler.php?type=pdfmatchreport&tid1=36&tid2=34&mid=228 http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2017-10-17 05:29:33 Announcement by root: Blood Bowl Season IV schedule created! After testing upgrades to our site over on blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE, so far so good. Looked at Season 2 Championships and they didn't have grudge matches for their first games of Season 3 like I'd thought, so I just went with a Round Robin random build. Now to look up the games we played and reset the first round sched to resemble those, then edit the rest of the rounds to follow suit. (Not that I'll play, but I felt I owed this to those of you that still can!!!) http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2016-08-08 07:22:13 Match: Bottoms Up (2) vs. Black Ark Fury (3) Couz added score. <b>ADMIN:</b> -Added HypnoGaze to BAF #1 and Horns to BAF #13 -Added +30K cost to BAF #1 and #13(for Team Value of +60K for Chaos Cup skills) -Added +100K Gold to Team Bank -Purchased Chaos Cup Championship Reroll for -100K(total TV went up +50K) =Total TV for BAF goes up by 110K(60K[Skills]+50K[Reroll]). http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-07-26 11:45:40 Match: Grumblin Bumblin Greenskins (0) vs. Blood God Bruisers (1) TBA - Game stats not entered - only scores http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-07-21 00:03:00 Match: Black Ark Fury (2) vs. The Fluttering Horde! (0) Fluttering Horde induces a Bloodweiser Babe. Weather was nice. Semi-final match pitting two Elven sides in a repeat of the final game of the regular season. This time around Black Ark Fury got a measure of revenge, with Assassin Zetiar Darkblade finally showing what he is capable of. Over the course of the game he knocked out both Wardancers, gave a lineman a Niggling injury, and was both a threat and a distraction for most of the game. With the numbers advantage BAF was able to slowly grind down their lighter armoured kin, killing three of them, and earning a place in the finals with a 2-0 victory. Both TD's were scored by the new Witch Elf Garrotha Soulstealer, who acquired the wrestle skill just in time for the Chaos Cup! http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-07-21 00:02:35 Match: Bottoms Up (2) vs. Wonder Women (0) TBA - Game stats confirmed as entered BU purchase #8 Lopez http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-07-21 00:02:08 Announcement by Majyk: Matches scheduled! Good luck to all, this upcoming Saturday!~ http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-07-16 00:44:49 Match: Bottoms Up (2) vs. Grumblin Bumblin Greenskins (1) Bottoms Up was hot out of the gate getting a major fan turn out ( fame plus 2 ). They won the coin toss and chose to receive . Turn 1 Blitz for the Grumblin ...hey this might be ok....some blocks oh looky double skulls...rr ah ok we are good...ok end of blitz lets foul the only guy we knocked down with the induced Ugroth ( chainsaw ) he has two buddys for the foul and he is safe for the counter hit ( hidden ) oh looky kick back its 1 and armour breaks and he is then ko'd out for game befor my turn one even started...anyways game just went bad fast for the Grumblin...they felt good on turn 16 was pretty sure it would and in a tie..but Nuffle favoured the Bottoms Up this day http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-07-10 09:52:20 Match: Black Ark Fury (3) vs. The Fluttering Horde! (4) Nuffle was cranky this day. On turn 3, Jefferson Twilight#7 tripped, died, and was Apoth'd. Amen. But this opened the door to the first touchdown by Black Ark Fury. Nuffle could not reconcile the two events, and order a RIOT for the immediate kick-off, pushing the clock back 1. Next up, Phantom limb does an AMAZING LONG BOMB pass to #6 resulting in the first touchdown for the Hoard. Back again to BAF, and quickly they score for the second time. On turn 8, faced with an illegal procedure the elves are granted a chance - NAY a SLIM chance to score - by the BAF couch. To the surprise of all, MM ties the game at 2-2. Second half, the BAF couch plays a dirty trick targeting Phantom Limb with an effective witches brew. This did not prevent another touchdown by the elves. This was not a deciding factor, but it certainly showed the BAF couches intent to inflict harm on MM. Nuff felt the same way, and the BAF tied the game again 3-3 On turn 5 elthraich BH's Sgt. Hatred. Then out of nowhere, while trying to set up a great position for a future run to the goal - Master Billy Quizboy pushes, trips and is killed. Caught by surprise MM looses Molotov cocktease to the crowd. Down to 6 players, with only 3 turns left MM rallied around Betty Rage to score with one turn to go. It was a great game ;) http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-07-03 18:05:48 Team news by Grumblin Bumblin Greenskins "Hey guys if we can get our games in me/byron and dave /ivan BEFORE july 19...I would like to host play offs at my place on July 19...my july calendar is frickn booking up fast and seeing as it took us sooo long to get the one game in Id really like to lock this down....what do ya think guys?!? cheers" http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-06-29 13:30:59 Match: Wonder Women (2) vs. Blood God Bruisers (1) HUGE Playoff implications from this match result - league is wide open for whom makes or misses Playoffs! <b>No Inducements until Blood God Bruisers flex their muscle and take a Wizard@50K=70K for Wonder Women</b> 1x Dirty Trick Card - Blatant Foul(@50K) Total Induced for WW: 50K <b>Weather</b> The sun was out, for Nice/Normal BB weather for the fans. <b>Kick Off Results</b> T1(BGB) Cheering Fans(WW) T6(WW) RIOT(Clock moves Back a Round) WW0-BGB1 T9(WW) Brilliant Coaching WW1-BGB1 T16(BGB) Throw a Rock(WW) WW2-BGB1 <b>Summary</b> Going into this game before inducements were chosen, it looked grim for WW with all the Block/MB on the Bruisers squad and the way their season had started this year(multiple blowout losses to The Fluttering Horde! and Black Ark Fury). After deciding on a Wizard to possibly help mop the pitch up with a well placed Fireball, a Blatant Foul / Dirty Trick was the result of deciding not to go for a Bloodweiser Babe for those wonderful Women. While it could be helpful to Experienced WW Linewoman (#13) 'Dirty Girl(Player)' Lauren Hayley, it is never an equal trade when a team sneers with yellowing fangs at another and mock-polishes up a DungeonBowl trophy for being the league's best as of a season ago. Oh how things can turn on a dime... http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-06-29 12:55:49 Match: The Fluttering Horde! (2) vs. Grumblin Bumblin Greenskins (2) TBA http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-05-12 23:43:37 Match: Bottoms Up (0) vs. Wonder Women (2) <strong>Inducements = 160K</strong> BU induce 1xBloodweiser Babe(50K), and Helmut Wulf(110K) <strong>Kick-off results</strong> T1(BU) - Blitz(WW) Missed writing down the rest, unfortunately. <strong>Match Report</strong> Opposite luck from the crap Coach Majyk had vs the Wood Elf team a day before. Norse got stomped but delay tactics of WW ended up giving more bash time for Norse. Dice just weren't allowing for POWS on Blodging 'Zons. Lots of push plays with Frenzy players on BU. Confirmed SPP after getting the sheet back from Couz and added Yeti SPP that was missed(2SPP for CAS) <strong>Notes</strong> ( ejections, purchases, roster changes) http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-05-03 17:37:42 Match: The Fluttering Horde! (5) vs. Wonder Women (1) A Game Like No Other. The Wood Elves played the best game yet this season, stealing ball possession 2x to achiev this stunning victory. THe Amazons tried valiantly to slow the advance, but by mid game it was clear the dice gods were NOT in their favour. Pick up ball? No. Pass Ball? Denied. Dodge? Nope. Nadda. Zip. The Elves on the other hand... Dodge at a 4+ - Not an issue. Long Bombs? No Problem. http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-05-03 17:06:07 Announcement by Majyk: WOBBL Game Day availability - pending. The following schedule combines Dean, Ivan, Thunderbowl 32 + 34, ThunderKrunch, and the Spike Tournament. We have 'jointly' free days it appears, with August and September being very iffy, if not impractical due to the wedding(s). May 3rd or 24th 2014 June 21st or 28th 2014 July 19th or 26th 2014 August 16th 2014 - questionable, the week before the wedding. Likely 'crisis' management. September 13th 2014 without Dean, Byron or Dave.... October 18th 2014 - only weekend available. November 15th 2014 - the long weekend isn't a long weekend.... December 13th 2013 Thunderbowl schedules here. http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-04-26 13:14:37 Announcement by Majyk: Game day on the 22nd of March? NT http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-03-15 02:26:53 Match: Grumblin Bumblin Greenskins (2) vs. Black Ark Fury (3) cuz is a dick! http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-02-04 15:01:04 Match: Bottoms Up (4) vs. The Fluttering Horde! (0) Matt B note: Edited Treasury to be 50K and 40K vs 5K and 4K - otherwise looks good. No lasting injuries is a good game! ;) http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-01-26 17:09:13 Match: Grumblin Bumblin Greenskins (1) vs. Blood God Bruisers (1) Blood God induce 50k wizard http://blauhorn.ca/UPGRADE 2014-01-13 23:19:48