The Fluttering Horde! (Retired)

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The Fluttering Horde! roster 

1Molotov Cocktease
player avatarWardancer
9347Block, Dodge, Leap, Side Step, Jump Up, Fan Favourite, +1 Ma31001245220k
2Betty Rage
player avatarWardancer
8347Block, Dodge, Leap, Side Step, Jump Up, Strip Ball, Shadowing51102357200k
3Phantom Limb
player avatarThrower
7347Pass, Leader, Strong Arm24001026140k
4Dr. Byron Orpheus
player avatarLineman
7347Block, Dodge1102218110k
5Sgt, Hatred
player avatarLineman
6347Block, Dodge-1 Ma7202227110k
6Augustus St. Cloud
player avatarCatcher
8247Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Nerves of Steel2200218140k
7Jefferson Twilight
player avatarCatcher
8257Catch, Dodge, Sprint, +1 Ag320009130k
9Brock Samson
player avatarTreeman
26110Loner, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Multiple Block, Block0006222170k
12Henchman #12
player avatarLineman
14Henchman #14
player avatarLineman
73471 Ni, MNG00001570k

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About The Fluttering Horde!

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The Fluttering Horde is the name of the expansive group of henchmen under the employ of The Monarch. During a palantir conversation between Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend states that there are 83 henchmen. No female henchmen have yet been on screen but there is speculation that these "hench-wenches" do indeed exist behind the scenes (currenlty hench-wench duties have been outsourced to Molotov Cocktease and Betty Rage). (Also Note: 24 mentions that there are no women regularly aboard The Cocoon. This was during the time Dr. Girlfriend was separated from The Monarch.)

The Horde's base of operations is a Skull Island Arena sometimes known as the Belly of the Lair of The Monarch's Hideout.